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Collaboration with DAAD

July-August 2003

In July – August 2003 the Agency of Scientific Tours holds few meetings and negotiations with the leaders of the Moscow Branch of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). The leaders inform that there is a necessity of the better acquaintance of the young Germans with the education systems in the East Europe. In the first place it is stimulated the education of the German students in Russian Universities and Institutes.

The new Program “Go East” is a joint project of DAAD and A. Humboldt Fund, which supports German students, post graduate students and young scientists for study, practice and probation in Russian Universities and Institutes. The Moscow Branch of DAAD together with the Central Office DAAD in Bonn coordinates this Program.

It is possible that Program could be enlarged by the use of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) research institutes, expeditions and reserves for study and probation in the frame of the new RAS fundamental Program “Scientific Expeditions and Tours”. RAS Program opens new possibilities for the young enthusiasts.

The Agency of Scientific Tours, which was founded by the RAS especially for realization of the RAS Program, suggests to the German colleagues assistance in development and preparation of the scientific tours for the German young people, who would like know more about achievements of the Russian scientists and participate in researches and expeditions. In particularly, it was suggested a few ready two – three weeks tours related with the history and cultural heritage of the Russia, ethnography, astronomy, archeology, geophysics, biophysics, mineralogy, metallurgy, glaciology, medicine, sea ecology, ornithology, decorating art and some others. The degree of the participation of students in researches and in collection of samples depends from their activity. The details are on our site (Tours).

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