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Arkaim   Penetration into the great mystery of Arkaim

       We invite you to attend an archeological complex Arkaim, which is one of the most studied monuments of the "Country of towns".


Arkaim including a settlement, sepulchre and a number of unfortified sites. It is located near the eastern slopes of the Urals. In the XVIII - XVII centuries B.C. it is formed here the civilization of the Bronze Age which was a contemporary of the pyramids of the Egypt Middle Kingdom and as well as the famous palaces of the Crete - Mycenae culture. The small area has accumulated no less than 50 ancient monuments of the different historical ages such as mesolithic and neolithic sites, some big localities dated back to the Bronze Age, Sarmats and Huns burial mounds (kurgans).

The expedition of the Institute of History and Archaeology of the Ural branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences has been engaged in research of the complex since 1987. The tourists offer to visit the archeological monument, take part in archeological excavations, participate in technological process of ancient handicrafts making (pottery, metallurgy, stone working). They may also to make acquaintance with rite of the ancient people (Nagabaiks) wedding, to fly round three ancient sites, to go to the beautiful lake. The tourist may enjoy to go troika-riding, to visit Temir kurgan, the museum of stoves, museum "Man and Nature", to make an ethnographical tour of the environs.

Every future participant has to take preparatory course of training through Internet-Forum for acquainting himself with scientific problems of the expedition and discussing in real-time environment the questions, which interest him. Besides, on the site of the tours one can get to know detailed information about conditions of work and life and look through a set of scientific materials and surveys prepared by the scientific body of the expedition.


The tour’s program.

  1. Participation in archeological excavations.

  2. Practical lessons on course “Technology of ancient handicrafts” (pottery, metallurgy, work up of the stoun).

Duration: 7 days / 6 nights

Lodging: the house-van on the territory of the Arkaim or a hotel of Magnitogorsk.

Term: from May to September.

Transportation: by a comfortable bus.

Fopod: three meals a day.

Medical aid: rendered in case of need.

Escort: English or German speaking guide for a group.

Group size: no less than 15 people.

Equipment: no special equipment is required.

Weather conditions: day temperature 18 – 30 ° C, could be rain.

Cost: from $350 to $720 per person.

The cost does not include: the air tickets Moscow – Chelyabinsk – Moscow and medical insurance.

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