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Beringia_0 Where oceans meet and new day of Russia begins

        We invite you to attend the wonderful land of Chukot Peninsula or simply Chukotka, which is located between the Arctic and Pacific oceans and very close to the USA.

A short distance across the Bering Straits is only 35 km. Chukotka is the most Eastern land of Russia, the first to face the dawn, mysterious and severe, ancient and young at the same time; the land which managed to retain life and ability to flourish in severe polar conditions. A traveler will find here traditional hospitality and friendliness of the local population. Chukotka is the world of wild rare nature. The tourists will enjoy “Ergav”- a folklore festival of sea hunters, and a handicraft fair with walrus bone, whalebone, antlers, fur, beadwork. In the Wellen village tourists will see a bone-carving workshop, a carved bones museum, meteorological and biological stations. They will see Eskimo canoe races and a unique spectacle – a whale hunt, and taste then shashlik of fresh whale meat. They will also look round the sea hunters village Lorino with the unique meat storehouses in permafrost and bear farm and enjoy dogsledding and dinner in yaranga.

There are regular expeditions of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) to Chukotka. The tourists can participate in the excavations and research of the Ekwen unique settlement, founded about three thousand years ago and see the monument at the seaside of the Bering Sea located to the south from the Wellen village earned the name of “The Polar Troya”. Collection of educational and scientific patterns is guaranteed.

The monument is made up of a settlement and a burial ground. The settlement lies at the seaside and includes semi-underground dwellings and household buildings, based on the whale’s skeletal bones. The burial ground lying at the distance of half a kilometer from the coast is a thousand of burials full of valuable appliances made mostly of walruses tusk.

The Complex Research Institute of the Far-Eastern department of the RAS carries out a medic-biology research on the adaptation and rehabilitation human physiology in the conditions of the Extreme North and on the valuation of mineral and vegetable resources of Chukotka. The tourists are suggested to take part in an expedition in the course of which their physical state is being monitored through screening systems like those applied to the astronauts.

Beringia_1 The objective indices of the cardiovascular and thermoregulatory systems as well as the mineral balance are under control.

The survey held by the expedition group of the Chukotka’s branch of the North-Eastern Complex Research Institute, which belongs to the Far-Eastern department of the RAS covers the study of the underground ice thawing, caused by the global warming, the natural restoration of the tundra after fires and track crossing, the modern glaciers.

Beringia_2 The tourists may take a chance of joining the expeditions and make up their own reports according to the tasks given to them during the Internet forum held before the expedition.
Every future participant has to take preparatory course of training through Internet-Forum for acquainting himself with scientific problems of the expedition and discussing in real-time environment the questions, which interest him. Besides, on the site of the tour one can get to know detailed information about conditions of work and life and look through a set of scientific materials and surveys prepared by the scientific body of the expedition.

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