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Spring Ring   

Russian "Spring ring"

        “Spring ring” is the name of one of the spiritual (religious) centers of Russia with a temperate climate and pure ecology. There are more than 20 saint curative springs inside “the ring”, 15 monasteries and monastery households, and 30 churches in force. Besides, there are several lakes and rivers there. 

Richness in historical monuments exceeds reasonably an average level round the country. Still what is more important is that it all lies in an ecologically virgin land, known for its unique natural reserves and monuments, and its amazingly hospital, friendly people. The offered tour discloses a traditional Russian health care (sanitary) system, based on the use of local climate, landscape and water resources, Russian “izba”, “banya”, and national crafts.

A new tourist pilgrim route has been recently discovered in this area and has been immediately taken under protection by the Russian International Tourism Academy, pilgrim international service “Radonezh”, and a range of other pilgrim and tourist organizations. The latter didn’t happen by mere accident, for there are such beautiful, original and unique towns as Shuya, Palekh, Rodniki, Lukh, Pestyaki, and some ancient villages known particularly for their antiquity, such as Vasilievskoye, Mit. The Parskoye village celebrates its 600-th anniversary this year. Besides, they all are situated in Ivanovo region at only 300 km distance from Moscow, 80 km from Suzdal and 100 km from Nizhny Novgorod.

The main tour’s duration – 6 days / 5 nights.


Program of Tour


1 day. Arrival in town of Shuya. Visit to churches of the Svyato-Nikolo-Shartunski monastery. The Icon of the Smolensk’s God Mother. Trip to town of Palekh. Excursion to the Palekh museum of the varnish miniature. Lessons of varnish painting. Visit to the Krestovozdvijenski church. The Palekh’s holy icon-painting and art. Visit to Holy Springs. Departure to town of Pestyaki. Accomodation, “banya” (the Russian bath), supper.

2 day. Breakfast. Visit to church of the Saint Virgin Assumption and Lukanin’s draw-well. Acquaintance with the traditional domestic crafts. The stitch and fine needle work factory, the flax factory, the factory of “valenki” (Russian warm boots) production. Lessons of the flax article making. The Handicraft house (children’s works, ancient handicrafts).

3 day. Breakfast. Church in Nijzni Landekh. Visit to the places where lived Saint Photi and Saint Kiprian (the Metropolitans of the Whole Russia), Saint Pakhomi Nerekhtski and Saint Prince Dmitri Pojzarski. The rest on the lake Svyatoe. The dinner with the “ukha” (fish-soup) prepared in a pot on the camp-fire. Acquaintance with the mode of the peasant’s life. Supper in town of Pestyaki.

4 day. Breakfast. Church in the Voronyata village. Visit to town of Mit: Museum of the Regional Studies. Lessons of the rod weaving. Visit to town of Lukh: the Tukhono-Lukhovski monastery, Holy pool, draw-well. Dinner. The town of Rodniki: accommodation at the Sanatorium-dispensary. Supper.

5 day. Breakfast. The garden-town. Visit to Shmelev’s house. The landscape architecture. The worsted factory. The botanic garden. Dinner at the factory. The church in Parskoi. Parkhachevo-Parskoi. Supper in town of Shuya.

6 day. Excursion along town of Shuya. Visit to the monastery workshop. Carving of the wooden peaces by own hands. The wine-vodka factory. Vodka of Shuya. The Svyato-Nikolo-Shartomski monastery. Dinner. Departure to Moscow.


Accomodation: Russian “izba” (country house) with “banya” (Russian baths).

Food: two meals a day from locally produced natural products.

Term: all-the-year-round.

Group size: 20 members.

Transportation: by a comfortable bus.

Equipment: no special equipment is required.

Weather conditions: temperate climate.

Medic aid: rendered in case of need.

Escort: English or German speaking guide for a group.

Cost: $ 450 per person.

The cost does not include: medical insurance and vine and vodka tasting.

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