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Vitim bolide

Vitim bolide

In the night from 24 to 25 September 2002 on the Irkutsk region territory near the Vitim river took place a very rare nature phenomenon. It was apparently downfall of the big bolide.

The scientists from the Institute of solar-earth physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) and Irkutsk State University carried out preliminary investigations of the downfall place based on a reconnaissance expedition and an interrogatory of the local inhabitants. They consider that the meteorite hypothesis is most preferable.

The downfall of the Vitim bolide is indeed a unique nature phenomenon. It could be compeer only with famous Tungus meteorite, which till now remains a great mystery.

Vitim_1 The expedition made its way to the place of the meteorite downfall along the steep side of the hills.
It is supposed that in tour “Vitim bolide” the tourists will participate in complex scientific expedition of the RAS. The participants will look for tracks of the “guest” from cosmos in the remotest depth of the taiga, where you could meet the bear more often than the people. If you are lucky you could find some fragments of the bolide. It will be the real trip for the real men, who want to follow the famous travelers: Cook, Humboldt, Prjzevalskii, Amundsen and so on.

The number of the group will be defined by the preliminary discussion and also by test results.

Duration of the tour depends on the plans of RAS Authority, but no less than 20 – 25 days.

Program is worked out by the RAS Authority. It will be discussed and presented to the participants by Internet conference.

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