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Zlatoust To create a Zlatoust engraving on cold steel

        We would like to show you a very famous Russian center for cold steel production, which arose at the early XIX century in the South Ural city of Zlatoust, and the unique Reserves of natural resources in Ilmen, Ziuratkul and Taganai, where there are the relic forests, ancient heathen temples, prayer-stones, water springs and mountain rivers

The Russian masters started producing arms embellished with decorative elements. Then the tsarist government invited masters from arms making centers of Germany - Zolingen and Klingental. Russian masters became familiar with foreign culture and manner of producing and decorating blades and pursued their own Russian style, open another sides and possibilities of this kind of arts.

The Zlatoust engraving technique enabled the master to accentuate the worth and quality of the Russian cold steel such as sabers, dirks, poniards, knives to impart significance to it and to render brightness and festivity to it. The works of the Zlatoust masters were displayed in the national and international expositions were they won worthy awards. Zlatoust engravers of our days continue traditions of the ancient masters.

The visitors also could attend the unique Reserves in Ilmen, Ziuratkul and Taganai, where the natural resources are studied by the specialists of the Reserves and scholars of the Institute of Mineralogy by the Ural branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The tourists can directly participate in scientific works of the expeditions. Collection of samples for training and study is guarantee.

Every future participant has to take preparatory course of training through Internet-Forum for acquainting himself with scientific problems of the expedition and discussing in real-time environment the questions, which interest him. Besides, on the site of the tour one can get to know detailed information about conditions of work and life and look through a set of scientific materials and surveys prepared by the scientific body of the expedition.

The tour’s program.

The tour offers to the participant to make acquaintance with the historic past of the Zlatoust engraving on steel (visits to the Museum of local lore, history and economy, Limited company "Bulat", assortment room of the engineering works, Cheliabinsk Museum of the Ural arts and crafts). The tour also includes practical training in essential technological processes of engraving on steel (drawing, etching, nickel plating, gilding, bluing) at the workshops of Zlatoust arts and crafts, visitations of the natural parks "Tagansi" and "Ziuratkul" and the Ilmen Reserve.

Duration of the tour: 7 days.

Lodging: at the hotel “Taganai”.

Term: the whole year round.

Transportation: by a comfortable bus.

Food: two meals a day in restaurants.

Medical aid: rendered in case of need.

Escort: English or German speaking guide for a group.

Group size: no less than 15 people.

Equipment: no special equipment is required.

Weather conditions: average temperature - in summer +15 ° C,

in winter -13 ° C.

Cost: $ 860

The cost does not include: the air tickets Moscow – Chelyabinsk – Moscow and medical insurance.

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