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First International Scientific and Practical Conference

“Biological and Medical Technologies: From Scientific Results To Innovative Developments”

Russia, Moscow

February 8-9, 2005



-United Russian Technologies

-Russian Federal Agency for Science and Innovations

-Biological Science Department of RAS

-Puschino Scientific Center of RAS

-Center for Technological Innovations “Biologically active compounds and their application”, RAS

-Non-commercial Partnership “BIOMAC Consortium”

-Agency of Scientific Tours

are holding scientific conference in biological and medical technologies and would be pleased to receive a participation application. The Conference will be held in Presidium of RAS, in Moscow, February 8-9 2005.

The Conference will focus on the results of research in biotechnology, biomedicine and bio-informatics with tangible results that have been reduced to practice Speakers will present their developments or projects with clear commercial prospects, or already used to launch biotechnological or bio-medical businesses.

The Conference is designed as a common place for representatives of scientific community, business and government to discuss the prospects of Russian bio-technology and bio-medicine. The Conference Organizing Committee is comprised of the representatives of the Russian Academy of Science, other Russian scientific institutions, commercial and non-profit organizations, federal agencies, and governmental funds.

The Conference should also help to find common points of interest between Russian and foreign partners engaged in the field of bio-technology and bio-medicine. Additionally, two Round Tables to be held under the Conference Program will allow to both examine opportunities for international projects, and find possible ways to fund bio-technological projects. The Conference will involve representatives of international and local funds and investment companies from Russia, US and other countries, including Delta Capital, SIG, Russkie Technologii, EBRD.

Conference Chair

Grigoriev Anatoly, RAS Academician, Academician-secretary of Biological Science Department of RAS

Conference Organizing Committee:

Miroshnikov Anatoly, Academician of RAS, Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, Deputy Director – Organizing Committee Co-Chairman

Popov Vladimir, Dr.Chem., Prof., Institute of Bio-chemistry, Director

Gulyaev Yury, RAS Academician, Institute of Electronics, Director

Sverdlov Evgeny, RAS Academician, Institute of Molecular Genetics

Oreshkin Evgeny, Russian Federal Agency for Science and Innovations, Head of Department

Kornilov Vyacheslav, Ph.D., Puschino Scientific Center, RAS, Deputy Director

Tsyganov Sergei, Dr. Chem., Russian Federal Property Fund, Head of Innovations Department

Savintsev Ivan, Ph.D., Technology and Innovations Center “Biologically active compounds and their application”, Deputy Director

Mikheev Vadim, Ph.D., JSC “BIOMAC-Innovations”, Director

Shekhovtsov Maxim, “RTI-Systema” consortium, Associate Director

Ryzhenkov Yury, French Embassy in Russia, Technology Attache

Choi Yun Sok, Representative office of Korean Techno-Venture Foundation in Russia, Director

Date and place: Moscow, February 8-9, 2005,  Russian Academy of Science (RAS) building Conference Hall


General Meeting

Gene Engineering for Pharmacology, Biotechnology and Medicine

Gene Engineering for Agriculture

Methods to Create New Biologically Active Compounds. Screening Techniques

New Drug Delivery Technologies

Opportunities for Clinical and Preclinical Trials

New Generic’s Production Opportunities


Biotechnologies for Military Needs

New Therapy Methods. Stem Cells. Monoclonal Antibodies

Bioinformation Technologies

Environmental Biotechnology

Round Table “Opportunities to organize international bio-technological projects”

Round Table “Organization and funding projects in the field of bio-technology and bio-medicine”

Innovation Bureau



The Conference fee covers:

- access to conference materials

- access to projectors and video equipment

- participation in all panel and section meetings and round tables

- inclusion of concepts in conference printed materials

- coffee-break during the conference

- $100 for foreign participants

- 1500 rubbles for Russian and CIS participants

- 500 rubbles for Russian R&D organizations and medical institutions.

The Conference Invitation can be downloaded here

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