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We live at the times of the immense and very fast changes on our planet. We are the witnesses of a fantastic development of science, culture, art and a constant growth of industry on the one side, and an enormous impact on an animate and inanimate nature, a destruction of the historical monuments, serious social problems, on the other side. And nevertheless we are living and like very much our Earth. We want to know more about the complicated processes, related with science developments, history of different countries, exceptional natural phenomena, culture of the peoples settled our planet.

Now all over the world the interest to Russia growths very much. The people want to know more about our culture, art, history, about nature reserves places, about our scientific achievements. Undoubtedly, there are a lot of enthusiastic people abroad, who would like to take part in research activity, archeological, geological, marine, and other expeditions.

The Russian Academy of Sciences, which is a holder of the unique research institutes, expeditions and the world famous nature reserves, take the decision to give the possibility to attend its freely and participate in researches carried out by the scientists of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The Russian Academy of Sciences invites active and interested people from abroad and also from Russia to take part in a new fundamental Program “Scientific expeditions and tours”.

For practical realization of these possibilities the Russian Academy of Sciences and Russian International Academy of Tourism create the Agency of Scientific Tours. The main goal for the Agency of Scientific Tours is achieve a success in popularization of the original results of the Russian scientists among wide range of intellectual amateurs, but not only colleagues-specialists.

On this site we will inform all people interested to participate in scientific tours in Russia about our Projects, which are ready now and which are in the process of preparation. In addition we will present information related to the subject, which we get outside.


Agency of Scientific Tours


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Russian map

Scientific tourism

Location of the Scientific Tours presented by Agency of Scientific Tours and now ready for visits is shown on the map

The list of the Tours adduce below:

    Beringia  Where oceans meet and new day of Russia begins

    Arkaim  Penetration into great mystery of Arkaim

    Gumboldt  To the Ural following A. Humboldt itinerary

    Zlatoust  To create a Zlatoust engraving on cold steel

    Russian "Spring Ring"  Russian "Spring ring"

    Vitim bolide  Vitim bolide

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!-st Int. conf. "Biological and Medical Technologies..."
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